Costa Café, founded in 1985, is celebrating 27 years of dedication to coffee.

The company, based in Espírito Santo do Pinhal, state of São Paulo, is solidly and deeply rooted in one of Brazil’s prime coffee producing regions where South Minas and the Mogiana Paulista meet.


Costa Café has already exported more than 7 million bags of coffee, over the last 27 years of operation, to the main European markets, the United States, Canada, Japan and others, with export revenues of about US$ 1 billion in the period.



The goal of Costa Café is to duly fulfill the commitments established with its numerous clients with accuracy, efficiency and professionalism.

The company values are based on ethics and profound respect for buyers and suppliers, who have enjoyed received increasing financial and logistical support from Costa Café over the past years.


The company highly values its employees and invests constantly on their training and social-economic welfare. Some of these collaborators have been working with Costa Café since its first days of operation.

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